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About us

Established in Switzerland, TMConseil works in the fields of Communication, Marketing, Business Development and Representation of Portuguese brands and services for the Luxury market, mainly intended for the sectors of architecture and interior design and decoration. luxury real estate.


The founder, Teresa Mendes, has more than 20 years of international experience in the strategic management of institutional communication in multinationals, SMEs and NGOs. Linked to the sectors of finance, construction, decoration, telecommunications, social responsibility, with experience in B&B and B&C.


The main mission of TMConseil is to make Portuguese brands and companies known in the Swiss market.


The work is developed on the basis of the creation of strategic partnerships, where maximizing the synergy that each brings to the sustainable development of projects is essential, avoiding wasting energy, human or material resources. Sustainability is the cornerstone of our identity.


In every job done, whether in communication or business development, our goal is to influence our clients with the philosophy of including corporate social responsibility in their businesses.

We believe that the generation of profits and the long-term continuity of a business are the result of the implementation of strategies of environmental, social and cultural sustainability, with deep respect for the community in which it operates. combine the responsibility of all stakeholders, in an attentive and responsible posture:


Create a better present without compromising the future. ​​

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