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Curator of Luxury Brands

We represent luxury and high-end multi-brands for the Swiss market, for professionals in the interior design sectors, builders and developers.

Among them we have brands of indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, fabrics, rugs, sofas, kitchens, taps and appliances.


We also offer a Portuguese brand of luxury real estate, among others.


With a sourcing department for special projects, all of our brands work for contract and hospitality, commercial and residential projects. 

Stylish Club

logotipo bc.png

Stylish Club stands out as a post-modern brand built on references from the past, while preserving the characteristics of a contemporary label in its aesthetic genesis.  



We bring the comfort and sophistication of the indoors to create beautiful and relaxing outdoor spaces.



Creative-Cork was created, giving rise to a range of products merging cork with wood.

Contemporary design furniture handcrafted with the help of the best techniques of traditional Portuguese carpentry.

By combining cork and wood, we manage to obtain unique furniture with a soft and pleasant touch. 100% handmade, it brings the best of nature.



Royal Stranger is a brand that celebrates art and craftsmanship. Its unique pieces travel the world, divinely made in Portugal, with inspiring innovations, the brand promises quality and luxury environments.

Logo_TGP_22 (1).png

The business model of The Golden Phoenix Real Estate & Investments is based on the real estate boutique, which covers all services related to the purchase, sale and investment of luxury real estate in Portugal.


Among these services, special support is provided to expatriates and foreign investors who wish to benefit from the  Golden Visa .


Design sem nome.png

Bessa is an Art&Design brand that brings us exciting memories through unique pieces of furniture.

wonder light


Wonderlight is a concept lighting brand of artisan lamps, specializing in transforming concepts into original and luxurious works of art.


Logotipo Black.png

The J.Dias brand specializes in the manufacture of kitchen furniture, cabinets and toilets, where quality, customization and luxury are the factors that determine its mission.  



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Stay tuned...
New brands are coming!

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